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Gunsmoke was a superb adult Western series broadcast from 1952 to 1961 on CBS. The radio show was also turned into a TV show, endorsed by John Wayne, and became enormously popular. Set in Dodge City, Kansas during the thriving cattle days of the 1870s, Gunsmoke featured William Conrad as Matt Dillon, a US marshall during the settlement of the American West. Parley Baer starred as Chester Wesley Proudfoot, Dillon's deputy. Georgia Ellis played Kitty Russell, the saloon girl. Howard McNear was the show's regular Dr. Charles Adams. Rex Koury composed Gunsmoke's theme music which became the best-known piece on the air. John Dunning, a respected detective fiction writer, noted that "the show drew critical acclaim for unprecedented realism." He added that "Gunsmoke is routinely placed among the best shows of any kind and any time."

Most episodes of Gunsmoke are action-packed and have little narration. The plots involve local townsfolk's everyday problems and their run-ins with the law. The action is usually carried out in dialogue accompanied by the production crew's excellent use of sound effects.

Matt Dillon as portrayed by Conrad is a rugged, lonely, isolated man toughened by a hard life. Even though Dillon keeps to himself, he's surrounded by locals on whom he can always rely when trouble arises.

There are 475 shows in our collection! Date Aired
The Mortgage October 24, 1952
Lochinvar October 17, 1952
The Juniper Tree August 30, 1952
The Brothers September 6, 1952
The Boughten Bride July 12, 1952
Gentleman's Disagreement July 26, 1952
Cain October 3, 1952
Hinka-Do October 10, 1952
I Don't Know December 6, 1952
Xmas Story December 20, 1952
Renegade White August 2, 1952
The Cabin December 27, 1952
The Railroad September 26, 1952
Doc Holiday July 19, 1952
Overland Express October 31, 1952
Drop Dead September 20, 1952
Home Surgery September 13, 1952
The Lynching August 16, 1952
Post Martin December 13, 1952
The Kentucky Tolmans August 9, 1952
Fingered November 21, 1952
The Square Triangle November 14, 1952
Tara November 7, 1952
Shakespeare August 23, 1952
Kitty November 29, 1952

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